Family Tree Search

The format here is simple, you can search or browse all the family trees for free. No hassles, no registration, no trips to 3rd party sites offering you results for a fee. Each database has been uploaded and are stored locally by people willing to share their information in hopes of making a connection or are just contributing to what is already on-line. Each ID link takes you to that trees surname index where you can begin your search.

If you would like to contact the owner of that particular tree to collaborate further, you can do so by clicking the 'message' link located at the top of each page, which will then take you that tree's forum in our message board portal. Each tree owner is required to monitor their forum, so any questions or comments will be immediately passed along. You can read the comments others have left, but to leave a comment registration is required for security purposes. Registration is free, as are all services on this site.

Site updated on 20 Jan 2018.